something very bad happened last night and i keep thinking about it and it’s stuck on my mind and i don’t know what to do to stop thinking about it

i don’t know what to do to get my mind off it and onto something else

i struggle with this so much, i dwell on everything and it’s so difficult and i don’t know what to do

I will fight myself FOR myself.

if you are fucking with a guy that wont kiss you after you suck his dick you need to learn to love yourself

my heart is beating really fast and i feel uncomfortable and this shitty feeling i have in my chest won’t leave and i can’t breathe properly

at work yesterday this random pretty girl starting running towards me and tackle hugged me, i was so stunned. it took me a good amount of seconds to recognize Tenisha, and man, she looked so damn good i seriously didn’t recognize her! it’s been like half a year? she told me she dropped out of school because of her family issues and stress, and that she lost so much weight due to her anxiety troubles. well, i told her the truth, that she looked smokin’ hot now and tbh her eyes lit up. she was jumping around so happily. i told her to use her weaknesses as strengths and to be thankful that her stress didn’t make her look miserable in the end :) i told her to be strong, that she is a beautiful person with a huge heart, and that i love her, though we were never even that close at all. she gave me all her contact info within seconds and wow i feel so..loved :$ second tackle hug within a month where people run at me and right into me with a huge hug ^_^ 

while listening to exo’s heart attack it kinda gives me flashbacks of moments in my life
happy and sad like moments with crushes / boys and lonely parties by yourself

Perhaps we’ll meet again when we’re better for each other.
Ten Word Poem #6 

The phrase “good girl” immediately turns me into a melty pile of girl-jello. Particularly when growled in my ear.

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