I’m so glad Laura is a cop, I’ve practically become friends with her ever since seeing her a lot during these times. I love her, I hope she knows.

it’s hilarious when people still think you give a fuck about them when you really don’t because you’ve learned what kind of person they truly are. Honestly, I don’t worry about you or whatever the hell you do. That’s your business, do whatever you want to yourself; I won’t even waste my time interrogating you. You can go ahead and bash me in whatever way you want, no one else sees any problems on me, it’s just you, and only you that I know in my life who still acts so immature. Last time I checked, I’m not anyone to you so don’t worry about what I do about myself or with myself. If you want to be a smart ass and send me something ‘cause you still come here, go right ahead, I don’t even have to read it or post it, I honestly wouldn’t even bother getting past the first word. Call me a bitch if you want, but I’m not lmao, just stating the obvious facts here. I said my goodbyes to you and you still can’t seem to let go and hop off me yet. I’m not a bitch if you’re thinking I am one right now for writing this, I never cheated, never played anyone, or did anything like that, so sorry. Try and find the stupidest crap you want to bash me or whatever, you’ll deal with my family, they’ll take care of you, I have nothing more to say to you.  Someone like you will never have true friends. Your words are all twisted.  You say one thing then you say something else, you say I love you then you say you don’t give a shit at all and that you’re better than Alex; you say I want you not her, you say you’d die for me then you try to bash me, oh man, you’re not hurting me. You’re hurting yourself this whole time, wrecking your own reputation because a whole bunch of people tell me that you look so dumb and indecisive that you come off retarded. Listen, just leave me the fuck alone. Like, don’t write to me, don’t talk to me, don’t come near me, don’t do anything concerned me.  Remove me from your mind and your life completely. Let me be gone because I’ve done that with you. Just, if you read this. That’s it. You can try sending me some fucked up message since you always want to be Mr big shot and have the last word saying something fucked up to make me feel bad, but it just isn’t going to work. I won’t read it. Enjoy your relationship and LEAVE ME ALONE. I’ve moved on and I’m living my life better than the way it was, trapped in your mind fucked games. Goodbye, this is my last and final time. Goodbye.
Just stop it all now. Leave me alone.

tldr i feel like shit

i had so many nightmares last night and another just before when i had a nap and that sucks pls go away

don’t you just hate when you used to be so frickin close to someone
you’d talk about stuff and all the time but then something happens
and you don’t talk anymore and they’re just bland with you

and you’re just like wh y the fuc k am i even trying bye

dizzy and angry and trying not to punch things

sitting here crying hah ah ah ha hahah cool af

I had the saddest dream omg, I dreamt that I had somehow found hannah’s cellphone number and idk I called her and she was at the airport and we smiled at each other and idk my dream just got real sad after and I’m very sad right now

asdgklasdjg i wish if i knew someone who reads a lot of manga like a lot because i need some help right now finding a story/novel of smut and romance that is just one freakin’ full book; cause i dont feel like reading a manga with chapters and volumes i have to buy (dont feel like reading online stuff) so im just looking for one book that’s it with smut eheheh and romance fML yahoo answers does not help; gdi ppl i said one book

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